Monday, June 28, 2010

One, two, three flat tires

Image Copyrighted by UL-Lafayette Computing Support ServicesWell today I thought I was going to be writing a follow up to my post about the blob. But life decided to take a different path today so that post will have to wait.

As you might as guessed from the title and the image my bike got a flat tire today. What is really upsetting about this is that this was the third time my back tire got a flat in the last couple weeks.

The first was my own fault I had let the air pressure in the back tire get low which allowed the tire to go flat when I tried to jump over a curb.

The next two flats are the annoying ones. I took the bike in to get repaired and checked up after the first one. Everything seemed fine and I started on my way home only to get a second flat after about 4 miles (I had over 9 miles left to go). So I called the bike shop and they actually sent someone out to fix the bike for me. Once again I was on my way with a fixed bike.

Over the next few days I went another 40 miles and figured everything was great. Then today on my way to work the tire went flat once again! Arg!

The crazy thing is that both flats happened on the inside of the tire. Essentially that meant that I was not running over anything but something like the spokes were instead poking holes in it.

I called Michaela and she picked me up with the help of her Mom. Thank you Michaela and Genn! We decided to take the bike back to the shop to get fixed. This time the people at the shop gave it a full look over and put in a better inner tub. They also put some new tape stuff in the tire to protect the inner tub from the spokes.

So hopefully now its all fixed. But who knows maybe in a few days I will be writing about the fourth flat tire! But lessoned learned... this time I made sure to buy a patch kit and a small bike pump.

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