Saturday, June 26, 2010

Biking to work

(Pics at the bottom) Friday was my first day biking to work and my first day on the new job. I started working as the Campaign Volunteer Coordinator for the campaign to reelect Bonnie Mager. Since Michaela needs the car for her job and I have been wanting to break away from the use of cars I decided that I would bike to work each day instead of driving or taking the bus... that is if its not raining too hard.

The ride to work is really enjoyable. A new north south freeway is being built and it is actually being built correctly. That is they are building a bike/pedestrian path that follows the freeway. Its not completed but it still allows me to get into Spokane from Mead.

After the trail ends I take a short route to Crestline. Crestline starts off with a bike lane that goes all the way to Francis. After that the lane ends but the road is still wide enough that its not a problem. A little ways further down it changes to one lane each way (instead of two each way) but it stays the same width! I love this part there is so much room even with the random parked car. Though I don't understand why they don't just put a bike lane in that part (or the whole length of the road). But meh.

Once Crestline ends its just a short but beautiful ride to the Centennial Trail. The trail is such a nice ride and it takes me all the way to the Monroe street bridge and from there its just about a mile to my work.

All in all I really enjoy the ride. The total distance is about 13 and a half miles and it takes me a little over an hour.

I am looking forward to biking to work over the summer. This will be a great experience that will help me get ready for a life without a car.

Update: Ended up just going about 15 and a half miles total instead of the total 26ish. Michaela picked me up so we could go out to dinner. Monday will be my first day biking to work and then back home.

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