Sunday, June 27, 2010

For the love of stuff

Today I gave away my blob. Now for those wondering what the heck a blob is... well essentially its a bean bag chair that also opens up into a bed. I bought it a couple years ago to serve as both a bed and a couch while I was living in the KA House.

I will really miss that blob. Its strange how attached you can get to objects like the blob. Its big and heavy, hard to move and I would have no use for it for at least a couple years and most likely not even then.

Giving away the blob was just one of many things or stuff that I am either recycling, donating/giving away or throwing away. Part of this has to do with Michaela and I going to the UK but another part is that we are both trying to break our addiction to a consumer way of life.

I have all this stuff sitting around that I never use or even think about but then when it comes to get rid of it I get all attached and just can't bring myself to toss it.

It is really amazing how hard it is to stop having so much stuff and then to also stop buying/getting so much more stuff.

I am setting a goal for myself before Michaela and I leave for the UK. I want to have given away, tossed or recycled 66% of the stuff that I currently own.

Over the next 2 and a half months I will be posting my progress. Lets see if I can move away from my love of stuff.


  1. Poppy is crying. She loves the blobs.

  2. Sorry Poppy! I love the blogs too :(