Friday, June 25, 2010

Chronicles of a wild ride

Welcome to Michaela and Daron's Wild Ride!

For those of you seeing this on facebook we setup our blog so that all posts made by me (Daron) are also posted on my facebook wall and all posts made by Michaela will be posted on her wall. Make sure to click the link and check out our blog!

As some of you know Michaela and I are heading off to Great Britain in September. Michaela applied for and received the Fulbright Scholarship to start her masters studies at the University of Sussex. This blog is our way to help keep in contact with our family and friends in the states and to share our wild ride through life.

While going to the UK will be an amazing wild ride our real wild ride has been going on for years now first separately, then together as a couple and finally as a married couple. For Michaela and I our journey to a more sustainable life style is our true wild ride. This is our other reason for creating this blog. Part of living a sustainable life is recognizing that it can only be achieved through building strong connections with those around us. We hope that by sharing this journey with all of you that we can learn from each other and take this ride together as a community of friends and family.

Our wild ride is about to take off and we hope that all of you will follow it here on our blog and will share your own wild ride with us.

Thank you.

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