Monday, August 2, 2010

Six clothes for one month

So today was the first of August and that means I get to start my Six Items or Less challenge. I am actually looking forward to this challenge. Not only is it a great way to help break my own addiction to consumerism but it is also means less laundry! I really hate folding clothes so this will be great for me. But back to seriousness after the break.

Really though I am doing this as a part my greater project that I mentioned in "For the Love of Stuff" part 1, part 2 and part 3. If we are ever going to truly reduce our environmental impact we have to start consuming less. Consumption is not bad but over consumption is. Where is the limit? I don't know and I don't think anyone knows for sure. As a society we are very creative and innovative... but the environment may also be more fragile then we think or it could be more resilient then we think. For myself I would rather error on the side of caution.

Which brings us back to six items or less. For those of you who missed the first post on this subject or just forgot (happens to the best of us) here are the rules for the challenge:
"each participant gets to choose six (and only six) items of clothing and pledge to wear only these six items of clothing for a month. They’ll share their experiences here at" 
"There are exceptions that don’t count towards the six: undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer jackets (rain slicker, outdoor jacket), shoes and accessories. You can get multiples of the same item for laundry purposes, but different colors count as separate items."
So thats it. Fairly basic set of rules nothing too complicated but it really is a huge change of pace for most of us.

After thinking about it for a while here are what I decided to pick out for my six items: (list for now I may post pics later)
  1. Blue organic T-Shirt - birthday present from my parents (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
  2. Blue fair trade button up shirt
  3. Light Blue button up shirt (Not fair trade)
  4. Blue/white patterned button up shirt (I like blue if you have not noticed)
  5. A pair of jeans
  6. and finally one pair of cargo shorts
What I am not counting are the items listed in the rules above and my sleep clothes. Otherwise though for my day to day activities thats all I have to choose from. I will post a picture of my closet before and after in a later post.

Should be a fun challenge now onto day 2!

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  1. You haven't updated!!! I'm starting on Wednesday since they never set an official start date for round 2. I'm seriously nervous. Weird, right?