Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a long and strange trip it has been

We have a internet connection at last! For a while there it really did seem like we were never going to get it.

It took almost a month for the broadband company to get everything setup and turned on.

But now we can finally start re-engaging with all of you!

So what have we been doing over the past month and a half since the last blog post?

I will be talking about all of that and more after the break.

So first off a quick overview of Michaela and my time in the UK so far. We flew into London on the 13th of September. We stayed in London from the 13th through the 17th.

London is a really amazing city. It has more people then the state of Washington but feels more like a small town. I took a ton of pictures of London which some of you may have seen on facebook and I will soon be posting them to picasa and then to this blog. So keep watching for that!

On the 17th we took a train down to "London by the Sea" also known as Brighton.

Brighton is a tourist town about the size of Spokane in terms of population. That being said it has a much greater density and really felt as Michaela said "a lot like New York." Neither of us really cared for Brighton that much. I guess we just are not really into the whole tourist atmosphere.

But we did have fun in Brighton. The beach is really awesome and I actually got to go swimming several times. The first time was with some really big waves! I can't wait till next summer so I can go swimming again.

After what seemed like way to long we managed to find a place to let in Lewes. Lewes is a small town just north east of Brighton. The population of Lewes is around 15,000 but again it has a much greater population density then you would find in the United States.

A biking map I got says that the distance from city edge to city edge is never greater then 2 and a half miles. Easy to bike and walk which really makes Lewes a great place to live.

I could go on about Lewes for a while but that will have to wait for later posts. Anyways, about a week after finding our flat we were finally able to move in. We moved in on the 27th of September.

Since then we have been working on making our flat a home. We have some furniture now which we got from an awesome charity (non-profit) called Furniture Now. I'm volunteering with them now and its been a lot of fun. I will go into it more later on but its a great program and I wish we had similar programs in the States.

I also started volunteering with the Lewes District Council on their Low Carbon Households project. Just started but I will post more about it after a few weeks. 

Also, during this time Michaela has started her classes and is doing a really awesome job. Its not easy getting a masters but she is really doing awesome! The University of Sussex is a great school and IDS is an amazing organization.

Well that's about it for a quick update. I will be posting a lot more about the UK, Lewes and other things from here on out. Check out the "About" tab to see what I will be posting about.

Finally, November 2nd is election day so make sure to get out and vote! Its vitally important that everyone votes. By the way Democrats are awesome and Republicans suck. Just wanted to get that out there.

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