Monday, July 19, 2010

For the love of stuff (part 3)

Well its been a while since my last post. It seems like the hardest part of blogging is not coming up with ideas but simply the posting of those ideas. But oh well I'm posting now.

For the love of stuff I decided to buy some more stuff. I wonder if one day that may be a commonly used curse... anyways I know I am supposed to be getting rid of stuff but there was a good reason.

My two recent purchases are a lovely new metal lunch-pail and a Amazon Kindle. Though the Kindle was actually a gift from my lovely and beautiful wife Michaela. Thank you my love!

The lunch-pail shown in the picture here will actually help me decrease the amount of stuff I have and purchase. In the past I would use plastic bags or paper bags for my lunch. Now that I have this metal lunch-pail I can stop buying and throwing away all those bags. In addition this lunch-pail is a lot more durable and will last longer then the re-usable plastic containers I used in the past.

The Kindle follows a similar path but in this case its a little less clear cut. Books take a decent amount of resources to produce. Trees for paper, chemicals for the ink and glue for the bindings. Of course there is also the transportation costs. The Kindle also takes resources more so then anyone book and has transportation costs. The thing is that the majority of the resources for the Kindle are a one time sink. How many books it would take to come out a head is another question though and I don't know the answer.

Though there is another bonus to the Kindle... no more moving books! Michaela and I will be traveling to the UK in September and after that we may be moving fairly often. Moving the Kindle will be much easier then moving boxes of books.

Currently I have 25 ebooks on the Kindle. Trust me its a lot easier to carry 25 ebooks then 25 physical books. Now this is not to say I won't ever purchase physical books again but for now ebooks make a lot more sense.

So all in all both these items represent a overall decrease in future stuff. So while I may have two new items overall my ownership and purchases of stuff will be decreased now and in the future.

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  1. Wow, Daron! Both good purchases! Your metal lunch box reminds me of things I'd seen in India. The same idea of stacking up various different food dishes to combine for their meal. They didn't look as gorgeous, though. (smile) Do you think you will carve on it in your spare time--to stimulate your artistic side while personalizing your possession?